Re-learning to Write

Do you remember when you were in high school, and for the yearbook your classmates would vote for what everyone might be doing later in life? Most likely to be a lawyer, a teacher, a politician. I was voted most likely to be an author.

I loved writing.

When I was a kid I had made up these incredible worlds (naturally inspired by the types of books and movies I watched) filled with adventure, interesting characters, and science-fiction grade technology to rival even current imaginations. They were even pretty funny, by the assessment of my peers.

Somewhere along the way, gradually, life made its real plans known. There was a need to earn an income, to support myself and my out-of-my-league wife. I learned and practiced the skills of graphic and web design, then animation, then writing code. I made some lucrative iPhone apps, eventually established myself as a mobile software engineer, and have had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented people. I write a lot: code, emails, tweets. But it’s not the kind of writing I did when I was a kid and I realized recently that I may still have something to say.

My wife and I had kids. Four absolutely amazing kids. And now they’re starting to show that they too have ideas. They’re creative, and my daughter writes better and has started earlier than I did. My wife is a great writer, too, and her blog has inspired me to pick it up again.

So I’ve decided to re-learn to write. It’s a habit, they say, and this is my first step toward making it one.

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